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Anti-Gay Legislation In Uganda and other news
eerisedda wrote in lovegoodleague
Hello League members, (meaning just you, Kiin, since no one else is on the LJ group yet)

This update is brought to you by the pressing need to spread the word about the Anti-Gay Legislation proposed in Uganda. I haven't done a lot of research but what I know is this:

1) The bill proposed would give all gay people life in prison
2) All gays with HIV would be sentenced to death via hanging (if I remember correctly)
3) Anyone who does not report someone who is gay or believed to be gay can serve up to three years in prison
4) Anyone defending LGBT peoples can serve up to seven years.

I'm sure there is more, but this is what I know for sure. A few helpful links are below:

The Family Linked to Anti-Gay Bill

Rachel Maddow rips Richard Cohen A New One (Also, if you have the stomach I recommend looking at Cohen's site to get an idea of what kind of things he is doing. But I warn you, it is not pretty. He mentions it several times in this clip, and I will not put that on my League's page at all.)

The Christian Mafia (Please note: If you are Christian, I have nothing against you for your beliefs. I think you and your belief system are fine, until they are used in ways that cause harm to others unjustly and fuel hate.)

Those are just a few links on the subject. I know there are more. I'd like to find out more about the people in our own government who are linked to this and get in contact with them and spread the word. Whether we are handing out fliers alerting people to this at our bake sales or writing letters to congress and so on, we need to put a stop to this hateful legislation.

In other news, Wal-Mart has reached a new low! Who would have thought it possible!

Wal-Mart's Discrimination

I personally do not and will not ever shop at Wal-Mart. I did once upon a time when I was uninformed. But I know the many evils of this company and I refuse. As such, I know I may be a bit biased against them, but please I urge you to do your own research and stop shopping there. Support your local stores, support good business and equality and unions! Wal-Mart is anti-everything like that! They don't pay women as well, they won't let their employees form a union, they ruin small businesses and the list goes on! Please, be aware of this! I realise that Wal-Mart is cheap, but find an alternative! Especially with the hols! Instead of buying something, make something! Be creative! Creativity is more meaningful and in the end will save you money! Trust me!

Also, don't forget to check out the HPA's website and sign up for the newletter, follow the Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace of both the Lovegood League and the HPA itself! Also, because of this stressful time of year, the HPA has blogs up on its site that talk about ways to de-stress so keep an out for those helpful tips!

And if you're having trouble finding the perfect gift for someone while helping the world, the HPA's shop has some wonderful gift options! Buy someone the Wrock EP of the month club from this year or buy the Jingle Spells 3 album! Check it all out at!

Check back for next weeks online check-in where we will continue the Anti-gay bill discussion and make plans to fundraise to stop it and raise awareness, talk about our bake sale plans, our next in-person meeting, and anything else that might come up!

Thank you!
Founder Eeri Lovegood

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Is this group still in existence? I would love to learn more and maybe join.

Oh, wow! That's amazing! This is still in existence, I just haven't done anything with it because no one seemed interested. Also, I was working on transferring, and it got kind of hectic.

Currently, I am moving to Boston, and will not be in the SF area come mid-August. If you are interested in keeping it going, there is also a facebook group, and you could join that as well. I need to see if there is anyone interested in becoming the head of this group. If you are interested as well, let me know.


Oh, I'm not sure if I'm ready (or capable) to take on a leadership role... but perhaps we can meet for coffee somewhere and you can tell me more? Or you can e-mail me (missyandalice@gmail) to give me more info. I totally understand how hectic transfers and moving can be... we just moved across the bay and it was crazy, I can only imagine how crazy moving across the country can be!

Oh, lunch would be great! I would love to discuss things with you! <3 I shall email you and we can set something up, preferably sometime next week (not the 31st though cause I have a photoshoot).

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